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To follow driving lessons in Maastricht, you must find the right driving school. In Maastricht there are a couple of driving schools, but not are they focussing on English students? Well…. You are looking for English driving lessons in Maastricht so and we are here to show you the driving schools that are available in English. Driving lessons Maastricht is a driving school that is only giving lessons in English. They are focussed on expats and international students. 

driving lessons maastricht
CBR Maastricht

CBR in Maastricht

CBR is the place where your exam will be. This is a national institute with police officers/ driving specialists that know the rules, and will check if you know them as well. For this, you need your driving school in Maastricht or any other city. Your driving school will apply for your examinations and will also let you do the exams in their car. You first have to follow your lessons. After you have finished all your lessons, and you are ready for exam, you will book the date. This will be in hands of your driving school. You can not do this. The CBR in Maastricht is next to the football stadium of Maastricht.

Driving school

How should I choose my driving school? This is a question that we hear more and more often. First of all, if you are looking for a driving school in Maastricht, you have to make sure that your click with the instructor is right. Most instructors have their own method. But is their method a method with a high passing rate? That is question number two. From all the driving schools of Maastricht, there is one that is the leader if you see the efficiency of their lessons. But still, you first need to apply for a trial lesson and see if you feel the same.

Apply for a trial lesson

Did you have a great experience with another driving school? Please let us know! We are always looking for the best driving school so we are also interested in knowing your experience with your driving school. Did you follow your driving lessons in Maastricht or another city? It doesn’t matter! We are looking for driving schools throughout The Netherlands. 


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